6 Reasons Why Garth Brooks Is Still On Top After a 13 Year Hiatus


Garth Brooks is back ya’ll! 

After a 13 year hiatus the country legend is about to embark on a new tour with wife Trisha Yearwood beginning September 4 in Illinois and will release a new album around Thanksgiving.  Not to mention his last tour in 1998 … yes 16 years ago (pause for gasps), made him the top selling artist of the 20th century, coming in second to The Beatles. 

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So, to celebrate Garth’s long-awaited return to music, we’re breaking down what has made him the super star that he is today. 

His on stage persona is unmatched.

He has sold more than 134 million albums. 

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His love for wife Trisha Yearwood is adorable, not to mention they are one of country music’s hottest power couples. 

He’s a doting father. Beginning in 2001, he decided to put his career on hold so that he could be a full-time dad—cue the awws. But even after spending every day with his three children, it still didn’t feel like enough to him. “I'll tell you what the greatest gift God or the people have ever given me, is that time with my children,” he told ET’s Nancy O’Dell back in 2013. “It’s just, it's phenomenal. And the crazy thing is, you know, I was there every day, and it still flew by.”

He's country music royalty. Because even after not releasing an album more than a decade away, he’s still on top. 

And, above all, his love for Taco Bell. As he told ET back in 1994, he’s “Just a kid from Oklahoma bouncing around the stage trying to keep from eating too much Taco Bell.”

Check out the video above to learn more about the power of Garth Brooks!