Life Is But a Dream at Miranda Lambert's New Bed and Breakfast


Miranda Lambert’s new b&b, The Ladysmith in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, is now open for business. Judging by the pictures on its website, the place seems pretty darn nice. 

From the site: Our bed and breakfast features eight well-appointed bedrooms, each individually designed by Miranda and her creative team to match her eclectic style. It’s Shabby Chic meets Rock & Roll. In addition to the luxurious accommodations, The Ladysmith is home to a charming dining hall, two funky lounges, an elegant tea room, a fully-stocked bar, and a ballroom with room for 60-80 guests.

Based on that description, we've imagined what it would be like to stay the night in The Ladysmith and we need a reservation… now!

1. Upon arrival and checking in, you’re greeted with freshly baked cookies. 

2. You head straight to your room … and it’s perfect.

3. Naturally, you have to try out the bed.

4. You quickly find out it’s so amazing that you contemplate spending the rest of your life there. 

5. When you do decide to venture out, you go straight to the fully-stocked bar.

6. You then decide you’re going to listen to what Frankie says, and relax.

7. Clearly the next thing to do is go get some dinner.

8. But then, it’s back to that cozy palace you call your room for the night. 

9. After an incredibly restful night’s sleep, that home cooked smell of breakfast feels as if you might have just landed in heaven. 

10. Sadly, the real world decides it needs you back, so you have to go home. But your memories of that one glorious night will live on forever.

Check out the video above for a sneak peek inside The Ladysmith.