You Need to Watch These Frat Bros Lip Sync to Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'


Today in awesome Taylor Swift lip dub videos: The Brothers of Delta Sigma Phi do “Shake It Off” (as opposed to yesterday in awesome Taylor Swift lip dub videos, when it was a dad and daughter dancing in a horse mask).

There are a few things to note here: 1) They go to Transylvania University (Transylvania like Dracula’s castle—but in Lexington, Kentucky). 2) They apparently did this in one take, which means they must have rehearsed a lot beforehand.


3. They seem like pretty cool bros! This isn’t the kind of frat activity we usually see make headlines. Plus, no one seems embarrassed to be in the video or too cool to lip sync. They’re just a bunch of dudes who like dancing to Taylor Swift. Love it. So proud of you guys!

Apparently Taylor Swift liked it too: