Chris Brown to Ray Rice: 'It's All About How You Push Forward'

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More than five years after the fact, Chris Brown is still facing fallout from his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. So it stands to reason that he'd have words for Ray Rice in the wake of his NFL suspension.

Rice was officially cut from the Baltimore Ravens this week after a video leaked in which he could be seen assaulting his then-fiancee, now wife Janay Rice. A lot of people have had a lot of opinions on the matter (including Janay herself), and now Brown is chiming in.

"I think it's all about the choices you make," Brown told MTV News' Sway Calloway when asked what he had learned from his own experience. "With me, I deal with a lot of anger issues from my past – not knowing how to express myself verbally and at the same time not knowing how to cope with my emotions and deal with them and understand what they were."

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Brown said that seeing a therapist has been helpful in dealing with his emotions. "If I'm frustrated and I’m dealing with something, to vent and say what I’m going through so I can hear from an actual clinical person, 'this is how you should react,' or 'it's good to feel this way because feelings, emotions, and energy are supposed to come and go. It's not supposed to stay there, you're not supposed to keep it inside, because it'll bottle up and you'll become a monster,'" he said.

"Every situation is different but it's all about the choices you make and how you control your anger," he added. Pressed whether that would be his advice to Rice specifically, Brown agreed.

"To Ray, or anybody else — because I’m not better than the next man — I can just say I've been down that road," he said. "I deal with situations and I've made my mistakes too, but it's all about how you push forward and how you control yourself."

VIDEO: Terry Crews Talks Ray Rice

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight's Kevin Frazier earlier this week, former NFL star Terry Crews called for a culture shift within the world of professional sports.

"The NFL culture, the sports culture, has decided that they are more valuable than women," Crews said. "I've heard people laugh about keeping their pimp hand strong and keeping her in control so that she knows her place. But think about how evil that is for one man to think that he's actually more valuable than a woman, because as a human being you're worth is immeasurable."

Also sounding off on ET is Mike Tyson's ex Robin Givens. "I really feel a bond with not only Janay but certainly all women that are in this situation," said Givens, referring to her allegedly abusive marriage to Tyson.

"There's nothing you can say, no skirt that you wear that was too short ... Hitting is never ever ever acceptable. This is a human rights issue. This cannot happen. And I've always believed that it's when men get involved in the discussion, and when men say this is unacceptable, when you can't sit around in the locker room and say, 'Hey, did you see what I did?' or, 'Hey, she deserved it,' that is when people really grab hold of the conversation. And I think that is kind of what this video does. The fact that we have football now saying, 'No, you can't do this.' I think it takes us to another level in this conversation."