5 Couples Get Engaged at Ed Sheeran's Show

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We told you that Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" was the wedding song of the year! That was apparent at the singer/songwriter's Monday show at London's O2 Arena when not one, not two, but five marriage proposals took place.

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Sheeran, 23, was well aware of the romance in the arena as he kept having to stop his set to thank the couples getting engaged, BBC Newsbeat reports. The singer quipped while on stage, "And don't forget that when the day comes Ed is a great name for a baby boy or girl. Edward, Eddie, Edwina or even Edmund."

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Tom Hales and Lauren Dougherty were the third couple to get engaged and the 22-year-old bride-to-be told BBC's Newsbeat that she was swept away by the music. "'Give Me Love' came on which is one of my favorite songs by Ed Sheeran," she gushed. "I'm caught up in the moment listening to that. The next thing I know he's getting up and I thought he was going to the toilet. Then he got down on one knee and said, 'Would you give me love?'"

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Dougherty continued, "After that I just started crying my eyes out. I think he got worried because I took so long to say yes as I was so busy crying."

Will Sheeran be playing wedding singer -- or even special guest-- at any of these nuptials? The "You Need Me" singer did invite himself and all 18,000 audience members to the five future weddings. Obviously, Dougherty said the musician is welcome to her 2017 nuptials, and she's planning her first dance to his song "Tenerife Sea."

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As for naming her children after Sheeran, she's not opposed to the idea. "It's kind of the done deal you have to call your child Ed if you get engaged at an Ed Sheeran gig," she says. "Not sure about Edwina though maybe Edna but definitely Ed if it's a boy."

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