Mariah Carey Proves She Can Still Hit Those High Notes - and Clean House -- in Bizarre Video


Mariah Carey’s powerhouse voice seemed to fail her on her first stop on The Elusive Chanteuse Show tour earlier this month in Japan.

But, apparently that was just an off night because the 44-year-old is proving that she can still hit those high notes just like we remember.


Cleaning and warming up my voice ? #TheElusiveChanteuseShow

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The mother-of-two wears a lot of hats: singer, designer, mother, diva, and apparently now we can also add cleaning extraordinaire to the list. Well… kind of. Picking up one shirt doesn’t necessarily make one a super-Suzy homemaker. But hey, she tries!

NEWS: Nick Cannon Talks Covering Up Mariah Carey Back Tattoo: It's Not Finished Yet!

While Mimi is currently in Shanghai, her estranged husband Nick Cannon was just spotted across the globe in Los Angeles hanging with newly single Amber Rose, Chris Brown, and Karrueche Tran at Knott’s Scary Farm.

NEWS: Everyone’s jealous of Nick Cannon’s shoes.

It seems things are certainly over for good between Nick and Mariah. Nick is covering up the tattoo he had of Mariah’s name on his back with a giant crucifix tattoo. When he spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier just last week, he revealed his new ink isn’t done yet.

"When it's done, I'll show up to your house naked and I'm going to let you see all the work," the America’s Got Talent host revealed. "I'm not even half way done with it. That's what kind of made me mad, because everybody was like, 'He's showing off his tattoo!' ... Trust me, when it's done, y'all ain't going to be able to pay me to keep my shirt on.”

Check out the video above to hear Mariah hitting those high notes again!