Creed Singer Scott Stapp Says He's Homeless, Being Blackmailed and the IRS Took His Money

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Creed frontman Scott Stapp dropped a bombshell on Facebook, claiming he's homeless and broke.

The 41-year-old uploaded a 15-minute video confessional to the social networking site on Wednesday, alleging that the IRS took all of his money through a "clerical error" and that he has struggled to even pay for his own food.

"Right now I'm living in a Holiday Inn, by the grace of God, because there's been a couple of weeks I had to live in my truck," he said. "I had no money, not even for gas or food. I went two days without eating because I had no money and ended up in an emergency room."

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Stapp addresses rumors and "slanderous, libelous accusations" of late, including a death hoax and rumors of drug use. "I'm sober as can be," he says, noting that he has been taking regular blood and urine tests to combat the accusations. He does not reference a recent report regarding a purported sex tape.

"There are people that have taken advantage and stolen money from me, and they're trying to discredit me, slander me," he says. "I've been threatened that if I went public like I'm doing right now, that any impropriety or anything that I've done in my past that these individuals can get their hands on to humiliate and embarrass me and try to ruin my credibility, that they would do that."

Stapp says that he has recently rededicated his life to Christ, and that he's "very excited about the future in terms of finally being able to fully dedicate my music and my life" to spreading the message of Christianity.

Until then, Stapp claims that he is embattled with the IRS.

"Eight weeks ago, I began an audit of not only my record company, but my personal finances," he alleges. "During the course of that audit, a lot of things were uncovered. A lot of money was stolen from me, or royalties not paid, and that's when all hell began to break loose."

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After detailing what he claims was an attack on his bank account, by an individual who he alleges stole his identity, he added: "When someone can have all their money taken out of their bank account and no one's held responsible, when someone can get targeted by the IRS because of a clerical error, when someone can get completely slandered and lies made up about them and post it all over the Internet and there's no consequences for those people, there's a problem. There's definitely a problem. This is not the country that I grew up believing in. This is not the America that I want for my children and their future."

At the end of the clip, Stapp issues a request for legal representation.

"Despite what's probably gonna happen to me by posting this video, I'm gonna fight. I'm gonna raise awareness and I'm gonna let the world know everything that's been done to me over the last nine weeks," he says. "If there's anyone out there who's a fan of the band or wants to represent me in this fight, please contact me… I'm looking for a good lawyer that's ready to fight."

Stapp promises that eventually "the truth will come out."

Stapp's band Creed won the Best Rock Song Grammy in 2001 for their hit "With Arms Wide Open." Over the course of 10 years, Creed sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and became one of the biggest touring acts of the '90s. Their last album, Full Circle, was released in 2009.