Billy Eichner Performs 'Glitter and Ribs' Song He Wrote for Taylor Swift

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Conan O'Brien's late-show audience got quite the treat Wednesday when comedian Billy Eichner performed a song he wrote for Taylor Swift titled "Glitter and Ribs."

The Billy on the Street star -- who first debuted the song back in July 2013 with a very Swift-inspired music video -- noted to Conan before his performance that he believes Swift's music gets to the heart of the matter: "What to do when a boy doesn't text you back."

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"And with burgers on the grill, and sparkles on my eyes, you served me a fib with a side of lies," Billy sings. "And we made out while wearing bibs. Wish someone told me life won't always be glitter and ribs."

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The build-up really comes when the comedian starts to belt out the chorus: "You'll never know my heart like my heart knows my heart."

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