Where Are The Banjos on Mumford & Sons 'Believe'?! Our 27 Stages Of Grief

Rebecca Miller

Mumford & Sons dropped their new single "Believe" today, off of their upcoming album Wilder Mind.

FI. NA. LLY. Our favorite muti-platinum British folk rock band is back!! But hang on, something's a little different...

1. There's no banjo.

2. No, really.

3. Is that a thing?

4. How is that even possible?

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5. There are literally no emoji's to describe how we feel.

6. Please don't go Coldplay on us!!

7. No offense Coldplay.

8. But we just don't need another Coldplay.

9. I mean it's fine, there will totally be banjo on the record right?

10. Oh God, what if there isn't Banjo on the new record?

11. That makes us sad.

12. Does the banjo know about this?

13. This is not okay.

14. We don't want to draw a line in the sand, but....

15. Things have just changed.

16. Honestly, we still love you.

17. But this will take some getting used to.

18. To be fair, we just have to let you change and grow.

19. But it's just like... you ARE the banjo.

20. It's like if your silly hat friend stopped wearing silly hats.

21. What is even real?!


23. It's not even really about the song.

24. The banjo changed lives.

25. Maybe we should have seen this coming.

26. RIP banjo.

27. BRB, gonna play our banjos and cry.

Wilder Mind
is set to release May 4, 2015.

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