Rita Wilson's 'Girls Night In' Music Video Is Like a Taylor Swift Party in 20 Years


Plus, there's a Tom Hanks cameo!

Rita Wilson
, actress, wife of Tom Hanks, and mother of Marnie on Girls, just released a new music video. If you didn’t know she was also a singer too, you need to brush up on your Rita Wilson Wikipedia -- she released a full album, AM/FM, in 2012.

Now she has a new single, “Girls Night In” and a new music video for it:

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Wilson gathered her real-life best friends -- including a surprise Sara Bareilles cameo -- for the country(ish) ladies’ anthem. But really, it just made us think of one thing: This is a Taylor Swift party in like 20 years.

This song should automatically start playing every time a Taylor Swift party Instagram pops up in your Instagram feed. Also, Taylor Swift and her friends should karaoke to this song at all of their parties.

Because Taylor Swift, this is your future:

And we’re jealous we’re still not invited.

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Plus, video girl Tom Hanks -- who recently lip synced in Carly Rae Jepsen’s “I Really Like You” -- makes another cameo, this time popping up at the end of his wife’s video and, once again, reminding us why we’re forever in love with him:

Hanx > Every guy Swift has dated though. #NODISRESPECTTOGYLLENHAAL

Now, watch what happened when Tom reunited with Wilson the volleyball: