Ingrid Michaelson Reveals Craziest SXSW Experience: I Was a 'Sad, Shoe-Less Little Girl on the Streets of Aust

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Ingrid Michaelson is a South By Southwest veteran, and she has the crazy stories to prove it.

ETonline caught up with the singer-songwriter ahead of her hosting gig at the Palladia Epic Awesome Showcase in Austin, TX, on Wednesday, where she reflected on the good and the bad of SXSW.

"It's just really fun to run into people that you haven’t seen in a long time," she says of the fest. "There’s just such a sense of camaraderie. Everybody in New York, L.A., Nashville, we’re all kinda in our own little bubbles and everybody kind of joins forces internationally. You see the same people walking around, there's just a really great sense of family and fun and music and food, and I think it's just a really chaotic, crazy few days and lots of memories are made here for sure."

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Memories including this gem, from last year:

"We just walked so much, if you're not wearing the right shoes you can really get some achey feet," she recalls. "I was wearing these new boots, and I was walking around in this cute outfit with this big, fuzzy coat and I was looking all cute. I think we were walking to try and get my badge -- we walked all the way down to the convention center and I had to take off one of my shoes 'cause my feet were hurting so much and I had a hole in my stocking. The place was closed and I couldn't get my badge. I was starving, there was a pretzel vendor so I bought a pretzel and I like, dropped it. I was this sad, sad little shoe-less girl on the streets of Austin."

Ingrid, we feel your pain! But all's well that ends well.

"I ended up getting some Band-Aids and went for a steak dinner," she says. "I didn't have my badge, but I had some food in my belly and some Band-Aids so it ended up being OK."

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Watch the video above to see the amazing photographic evidence of Ingrid's wild night!

Michaelson is set to play the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on June 11 and the Red Rocks Amphitheatre with Ben Folds and the Colorado Symphony on June 21. The singer’s rep told ETonline exclusively that she will be announcing a full list of tour dates next week.

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