EXCLUSIVE: ET's Backstage at MTV's Woodie Awards with Big Sean, Fall Out Boy & More

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There's a flash flood warning in Austin, Texas, but that's not stopping the MTVu Woodie Awards from going on during the South By Southwest festival -- or the performers and presenters from stopping by to chat with ETonline's Sophie Schillaci. 

First up is Big Sean, who tells us even soundcheck was dicey as the scattered sprinkles got heavier. "I almost busted my ass a couple times," he said. But he's got a solid backup plan: "I'm just gonna say it's my new dance move," he said. "It happens -- nobody's perfect."

Sean's had a busy week at SXSW, but, he said, "It's better than being at my mom's house back in Detroit, wishing about it, dreaming about it." His secret to survival: "You gotta take cat naps in between. You gotta know how to fall asleep for 15 minutes like an old man."

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Girlfriend Ariana Grande's staying dry -- "She's doing her on thing" on tour, Sean said, which must be a bummer for the guys of Years & Years trying to meet her and become BFFs.

Sean isn't sweating the competition. "That’s pretty funny, though -- everybody loves her." That includes his mom, who he said gave Ariana the seal of approval when they met recently. "Women can do anything a man can do -- and probably better 100 percent of the time," he said. "Shout out to all the strong independent women."

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Ty Dolla $ign managed to make it through a soaking wet set without incident, and he kept mum about the rumor he recently recorded with Rihanna.

"Mayyyybe," he said with a big smile. He did acknowledge he worked with Kanye West, who is producing Ri-Ri's album. Ty's got a long list of past collaborations but surprised us by naming an unlikely dream pair: John Mayer.

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Young rappers Rae Sremmurd were still high off their performance with Mike WiLL Made-It at Fader Fort on Thursday night -- thanks in part to surprise guest Miley Cyrus. "I knew Miley was there all day, but it didn't even sink in until we were on the same stage how big a deal it was," said Slim Jimmy, one of the group's two brothers. "That's one of those moments you'll never forget. She's super talented."

And, he added, hanging with Miley post-show had it perks. "We got to taste the good herbs of life," he said.

Even after playing multiple shows since we spoke with Years & Years a mere two days ago, the band said they can't imagine being stressed enough to pull out of a worldwide tour, as One Direction's Zayn Malik recently announced he would. "We’re not quite at 1D levels of stress just yet," singer Olly Alexander said. "It’s pretty chill for us." Bandmate Emre Turkmen said he was going to apply for the open spot. "I've already sent my C.V.," he joked. "I've sent it by electronic mail."

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Fall Out Boy had a little more sympathy for Zayn & Co. "I'll be honest," said singer Patrick Stump. "It is very stressful -- but oh, poor me, poor rock star."

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Bassist Pete Wentz said fellow dads at his kid's school often assume the rock star life is one big party. "When I was on a 6 a.m. flight to Austin today, [I was thinking,] this is not how I pictured it," he said. "But to answer the question seriously, I guess they’re the biggest band in the world, and they’re like, 20. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it."

Wentz has been sporting a super-short platinum 'do but went super-fuschia this week. "I felt like it was time to move on from the blond," he said. "I wanted it really pastel-y pink and it just wouldn’t take, so I went really hard core and I’m just gonna let it fade. A lot of shades don’t complement my skin, I’m gonna be really honest. And I was trying to think of a shade that I hadn’t really seen on a dude."

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