Jodeci on First New Album in 20 Years: 'We Never Stopped Recording'

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Jodeci is back, with a critically acclaimed new album and the same seductive sounds fans loved in the '90s.

The Past, The Present, The Future is Jodeci's first official album in 20 years and to mark the occasion, group members K-Ci and Mr. Dalvin (their respective brothers JoJo and DeVante Swing round out the quartet) sat down with ET to reveal why they stepped out of the spotlight and how the new album came to be.

"We left at a peak of our career," says Dalvin. "We had two No. 1 singles on the radio at the time, and it was just -- hip-hop was starting to dominate the radio and we felt it was necessary that we didn't get forced out of the industry, that we just took a step back and let hip-hop do its thing."

As hip-hop began to take over the industry, the smooth R&B crooners kept busy in the studio.

"We never stopped recording, we just stopped putting records out," Dalvin explains.

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But brothers K-Ci and JoJo did stay in the spotlight, releasing four albums between 1997 and 2002. "Even when we were doing the K-Ci and JoJo project, me and my brother we would be in one studio, and Dalvin and DeVonte would be in another studio doin' Joedeci, so we would leave a K-Ci and JoJo session and go do a Jodeci session," says K-Ci. "We lived around each other, so basically we almost saw each other every day."

And at the 2014 Soul Train Awards, Jodeci delighted fans with a surprising comeback.

"The album was in its final stages of being mixed and putting the final touches," Dalvin says, adding that show producers had been asking them to come on the show "for a few years."

"It wasn't the right time," he notes. "So being that the record was coming, on the heels of that, we felt it was a good time to introduce us back to the public."

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Now, with a new generation of fans in tow, Jodeci is getting ready to hit the road.

"You're gonna get the same excitement, you're gonna hear the same classics and new songs," K-Ci says of their live shows. "Nothin' gonna slow down on stage. It's gonna be the same performances Jodeci's known for."

He adds with a laugh: "For our older fans out there, I'm pretty sure they are tellin’ their kids like, 'Yeah this is what, hate to say it, but you was made off this [music].'"

Jodeci’s new album The Past, The Present, The Future, featuring the new single, “Every Moment,” is available now.