Saint Motel on Bringing 'My Type' and Fresh Underwear to Coachella

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They may not be rocking the turquoise hair trend, and we're totally OK with that, but pop rockers Saint Motel will be bringing their catchy new single to Coachella this weekend.

"We actually have [been to Coachella] a couple times, but it hasn't always been the most legal way to get in," Saint Motel drummer Greg Erwin jokes. "But it's kinda full circle now that we're coming back to Coachella and we're playing on the main stage, and we'll actually have tickets and badges this time."

ETonline caught up with the band ahead of their trek to Indio, and just after making their U.S. television debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Watch the interview above to see why "fresh underwear" is on their list of must-haves for the annual festival.

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If you're just discovering Saint Motel for the first time, here's what you need to know: lead singer A/J Jackson joined forces with fellow USC film student Aaron Sharp and later, Erwin and bassist Dak to form the group. They're based in Los Angeles and are currently working on their next album, but Saint Motel is already a hit in the UK! Prior to signing with Atlantic Records in the states, the guys inked a record deal overseas where their single "My Type" took off. (The catchy tune is featured on FIFA '15 and, unsurprisingly, the song resonated with soccer -- sorry, football -- fans in Europe.)

"We follow in the footsteps of a lot of great bands from around here even that find success first in the UK or Europe, and then come back with that," Jackson tells ETonline. "We were lucky enough to originally get signed with a UK label and things started happening initially in Europe, and then things are kinda starting to come back here. I wish we could say we planned that or that was strategic... but so many things in Saint Motel's life just kind of turned out that way. It's an interesting journey."

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Given Jackson's background in film, the singer also often takes on directorial duties for the band's music videos (including "My Type"). For him, the visuals are just as important as the music.

"I think a good music video can help further the vibe of what that album is, what that song is," he says. "You have the video of course, but you also have the photos from it, you have the characters in it, the storyline, all that stuff. If it's coordinated together, it can be [a] very effective, very powerful creative tool."

Saint Motel is still hard at work on their forthcoming album but if you're looking for an idea of what to expect, Jackson is breaking down the group's unique sound.

"We tend to shy away from describing ourselves, we tend to use other people's descriptions [of our music]," he admits, "some of our favorites being adventure pop, tropicali, garage glam, indie prog, lounge pop -- these are all things that make us smile and there's something vaguely true in all of them."

Saint Motel is playing the Coachella main stage on Sunday, April 12th and April 19th. Don't miss 'em!

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