Tyler Posey Wants to Take Tom DeLonge's Place in Blink-182

The 'Teen Wolf' star could be reviving the pop-punk music scene.

Tyler Posey is out to revive the pop-punk music scene.

The Teen Wolf star might be Blink-182's biggest fan and upon hearing reports that frontman Tom DeLonge is leaving the band, Posey said he's ready to step in and take over. "I've noticed that he's just been falling out of it," he told ETonline's Katie Krause at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. "I don't think [Tom] wants to be in Blink anymore."

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When asked if he'd be willing to sing in Blink-182, Posey's eyes lit up. "Absolutely. Yes, of course!" he mused. "I would love to. Send that word out."

How big of a Blink fan is the 23-year-old actor? He has two tattoos dedicated to the band! On his right arm, Posey has the first note from their song "D**k Lips," and he also got some ink similar to that of DeLonge himself.

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"I'm a huge little pop punker," Posey quipped.

The MTV star also revealed that he does have some musical aspirations. Posey, who says he grew up playing the guitar, shared that he does plan on releasing a punk-pop album of his own.

Who do you think should replace DeLonge in Blink-182?