Snoop Dogg Reveals He's 'Pretty Sure' About an 'Empire' Return -- and He's Bringing Pharrell!

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Could Snoop Dogg be back for more Empire? We hope so!

The rapper made a guest appearance on the show's season one finale as Empire Records' newest signee, treating viewers to a performance of his new single "Peaches and Cream." (Need an excuse to re-live the shocking, star-studded episode? ET has got you covered with the 9 biggest moments here.)

Snoop tells ETonline that he had such a good time on set, he's ready for round two.

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"If you was really payin' attention, I'm about the only one that was down with Lucious when they locked him up," says Snoop. "And I just signed with Empire Records, so I'm pretty sure I'll be making a return." (A rep for Fox did not immediately respond to ETonline's request for comment on season two casting.)

While Empire's action-packed storylines made it TV's hottest new show, Snoop is simply impressed with the show's authenticity.

"That set is so professional and at the same time, it felt like the rap world, so for them to be able to bring that to life and show the whole world what the rap community feels like, it's awesome," he says.

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ET was with the rap icon as he and Pharrell Williams talked shop with VEVO, re-hashing their experience in the studio together creating Snoop's forthcoming album, Bush. The pair have always made an excellent team (who could forget their 2004 instant classic, "Drop It Like It's Hot"?!), but could they be joining forces on-screen next?

Watch the video above to see what kind of character Snoop thinks Pharrell could play on Empire, and which hip-hop stars need to appear on the show next.

Meanwhile, Snoop is giving fans a taste of his acting chops in his new music video for "So Many Pros."

"The inspiration comes from a couple of directors from France, they did a little experimenting with me -- finding out who I am and what I love -- they found out that I love black exploitation movies," Snoop explains. "What they did was, put all of those black exploitation movies and put me right in the center as the lead guy, bringing it all to life and putting a spin on it because technology has changed since the '70s to now. It's such a great video in the way it looks and the way it feels." Watch the video for "So Many Pros" below.

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He may be a rapper first, but Snoop says he loves an excuse to get into character.

"Now that's fun, to be able to go into a role where it's somebody completely different from who I am," he says. "I have a lot of pride in playing characters that I strive to be, so whatever the character is, if I'm on screen, more than likely I love that character in real life and I really want to be that."

Snoops new album Bush, executive produced by Pharrell, is out May 12.

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