Todrick Hall's Mash-Up of '90s Slow Jams and Disney Songs Is the Best


What do you get when you cross hits from the '90s with Disney music magic? Total Happiness.

Do you like '90s slow jams? Do you like Disney?

Obviously the answer is "yes" to both, so take a few minutes to watch this amazing mash-up that will add some unbridled happiness to your day.

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Singer and Youtube star Todrick Hall teamed up with Broadway actress Shoshana Bean -- who starred as Elphaba in Wicked -- to mash up classic Disney songs with beloved 90s hits.

You really haven't experienced the awesomeness of the Aladdin soundtrack until you've heard the film's most celebrated songs set to Montell Jordan's 1995 single "This Is How We Do It."

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Also, in one of the most hilariously inappropriate mash-ups ever, Todrick set some of the heartfelt tunes from The Little Mermaid to Ginuwine's famously raunchy "Pony." Sure, none of the dirty lyrics are incorporated, but it's still bizarrely astounding.

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