Adam Lambert: 7 Quotes to Get You Excited About His ET Takeover!

David Roemer

Glamberts! Get ready for Adam Lambert overload!

Just kidding, we know there's no such thing. That's why we're having an Adam Lambert Takeover here on ETonline all day Tuesday, April 28, culminating in the world premiere of his Hype Williams-directed "Ghost Town" video on Entertainment Tonight (check your local listings) and ETonline.

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To sweeten the deal, we sat down with Lambert for a wide-ranging interview on everything from career milestones, to Madonna, to gym selfies, to Dancing With the Stars, We'll be rolling out pieces of the interview throughout the day but in the meantime, here's a taste to whet your appetite. (You're welcome.)

On "The Original High":
"The Original High, the title of it, it's open to interpretation like all the songs on the album and that was really important to me. I talked to Max Martin and Shellback, who executive produced this with me, about that. I said, 'I want it to be personal, but I also want everybody that hears it to find some sort of meaning in the music.' So we wrote lyrics that are purposely maybe a little more vague or kind of metaphorical."

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On the 'Ghost Town' chorus lyric:
"If anybody's ever felt that way, a little hopeless, a little, 'Oh I'm not feeling what I want to feel' and 'Am I empty inside, is this it?' start dancing and that kinda answers the question for you."

On relationships:
"I don't know what the hell I'm looking for, to be honest with you. I think that's the beauty of getting into your 30s and kind of being like, 'I'm OK with not knowing.' I'm not sure. Maybe when I find it, I'll know it, I guess? But this album is a lot about that. It's about longing and it's about questioning things and wondering, also acceptance. That's another big part of it, kind of saying 'OK, so I'm single. OK, so I'm alone tonight. OK, so it's not gonna feel the same way every time. That's OK.'

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On touring with Queen:
"It taught me a lot and it was humbling, because Freddie Mercury and Queen are this legacy that I had to approach with as much respect as I could find, and figure out a balancing act between paying my respects to the band, keeping their legacy alive and being me. It was an interesting challenge, but I feel really good about it."

On being the first openly gay artist to have a No. 1 album in 2012:
"The landscape is entirely different than when I first came on to the scene. We have artists who are out and it's not a big deal and it's not something that the media is blowing out of proportion either, which is nice to see. I think in the beginning there, it was such an exciting thing for media and for the masses that it was a big deal and it was talked about a lot. I was really happy to be a part of that movement and to put myself out there and to speak about it and to be proud about who and what I am, and now what's exciting is it's implied. I feel like we don't have to harp on it all the time, people are ready to move forward and just be people."

On Queen's influence:
"They are a rock band and a classic rock sound, but they're also pop. They never stuck to one genre. If you look at their hits, they jump around and borrow from different musical styles and experiment, and it worked for them. So that gives me a lot of confidence in an album like The Original High, because it's going into a sound that I haven't done in the past, but I feel like being on tour with them has taught me that at the heart of it a good song is a good song, and the best songs are the ones that make people feel something -- it all boils down to that. It's not about genre or radio format, it's about how does this make you feel? And they reminded me of that in the most simple way."

On the "Ghost Town" music video:
"I really wanted to first communicate the lyrics directly to the viewer, but then I also wanted to kind of highlight a scene of people. A lot of the people that we hired for the video are friends of mine. It was really fun on set. It was kind of a party, which made it a very relaxed shoot. I've never shot a video like that before that felt like a house party. I invited people to be a part of it that have a specific point of view. there's dancers in the video, there's models, just people with a certain energy that represent real parts of my life, 'cause I wanted it to feel like a piece of me."

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Tune in to ET tonight for a first-look at the "Ghost Town" video, while the full-length video will be available exclusively on ETonline.

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