Jake Owen Dishes on His Own 'Real Life' and Daddy-Daughter Fishing Dates!

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When it comes to Jake Owen's real life, it's the little things that count.

The country star unveiled his new single "Real Life" this week, a summer-friendly anthem with a real message: our lives may not be the stuff of Hollywood movies, but they're beautiful just the way they are.

Written by country hit-makers Ross Copperman, Shane McAnally, Ashley Gorley and Josh Osbourne, the song offers a healthy dose of nostalgia with shout outs to prom queens in plastic crowns and late-night Waffle House runs. "We get real low, we get real high," Owen sings on the track. "It ain't all good baby but it's all right. Real life. This ain’t no fairy tale, it’s real life."

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"I think what drew me to this song the most was all of the little scenarios within the song that I relate so much to in my own life," Owen tells ET.

"There wasn't a whole lot to do growing up in my town and this song speaks to that very well," he adds. "I think a lot of people out there grew up in small towns and we all have said that phrase before, 'There's nothing to do here!' But that's what makes it real. You kinda find things to do and keep yourselves entertained."

"Real Life" is the first single off Owen's forthcoming, as-yet untitled album.

"I think 'Real Life' is a real good indication of what the rest of the record will feel and sound like," he says. "This record's all about love and happiness and being good to people... things about growing up, being a kid, just looking back at life and really wanting to feel that way again."

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These days, Owen is reveling in his own real life as dad to 2-year-old daughter, Pearl.

"Having a child now, there are times I look at her and times like takin' her fishin' or takin' her out on the boat -- when she grows up, that's what's gonna be real to her," he says. "She's gonna talk about the times she learned to fish with daddy or went out on the boat and learned how to surf, those are gonna be the things that are real to her. Just the daddy-daughter dates that we have together, that's a big deal not only to her I'm sure down the road, but it's a big deal to me right now."

No word yet on when Owen's full-length album will be released, but fans can catch him singing "Real Life" live on Kenny Chesney's The Big Revival Tour this summer.

"Our show on the road is very energetic," he says, noting that the song is "gonna be another added piece of the puzzle out there on the road. It's something that I look forward to singing for a long time."

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