There's a Petition to Make Iggy Azalea Give Her 'Top Rap Song' Award to Nicki Minaj

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At this month’s 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Iggy Azalea won the “Top Rap Song” award with Charlie XCX for “Fancy.” She actually had two nominations in the category, the other being “Black Widow” with Rita Ora.

“This is really cool,” Charlie XCX said. “We’ve waited a while for this.”

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But did they wait too long? One person didn’t think their win was that cool: Nicki Minaj, who was also nominated in the category for “Anaconda.” She tweeted this after the show:

Shady AF, but Nicki probably wasn't expecting her fans to start a petition to take the award back from Iggy. The petition claims that Iggy’s win “has been proven invalid.”

“The eligibility time period for nominations is March 10th, 2014 through March 2015,” the writer of the petition claims. "’Fancy’ was released on February 17th, 2014, nearly a month before the eligibility starting.”

Iggy and Charlie even performed “Fancy” at the Billboard Awards last year:

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(Aww, Iggy Azalea, we kind of miss your old face.)

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The petition has more than 18,500 signatures, with 5,000 in the first 24 hours alone. Most of the people signing it are clearly #TeamNicki: “Because there are rules than need to be followed, and this kind of injustice is too much,” one says. “Nicki Minaj woud've [sic] won if this didn't happen.”

As for the Billboard Music Awards, this is how they explain their qualifications:


What does a “key fan interaction” even mean?

Here's the deal: The Billboard Music Awards eligibility dates are, in fact, March 10, 2014 through March 8, 2015. But the awards are determined by chart activity -- the Billboard charts, hence the name -- during that period. It doesn't matter when the song actually came out. Which is why Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” was nominated for Top Streaming Song even though it was RELEASED IN 2013.

So everyone calm down. It's legit. We doubt Nicki’s worried about it anyway.


Remember when Iggy got in a fight with Papa John’s pizza on Twitter? LOL...

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