Lea Michele Explains Why Her Debut Album Failed, Leaves Door Open for 'Glee' Reboot

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Hopes were high for Glee star Lea Michele's debut album Louder, but when it was released in February 2014, reviews were mixed at best and sales didn't exactly live up to expectations.

It would be a tough blow for any young singer, but Lea hasn't shied away about discussing the album's faults.

Speaking with Marie Claire for the magazine's November cover story, the Scream Queens star got really honest about what caused her debut album to fail.

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"The problem with the first record was that I would record a song, and then I would get it back from production and it would sound very different," Lea explained. “As an artist, that can be jarring."

For her forthcoming second album, the 29-year-singer says she's not going to make the same mistakes twice.

"I'm more hands-on [with my new album]. This is about experience, about confidence," Lea shared.

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Marie Claire won't be the only magazine whose cover Lea will be gracing in November. She also showed off her flawless physique in Women's Health, where she teased a possible Glee revival in the future.

Talking about how she readied herself for calling a wrap on the hit Fox musical dramedy, Lea got every Gleek's hopes up (even if she didn't mean to.) "I did a lot of the work leading up [to prepare myself], but no matter what on that last day it's just kind of like, 'Oh my god, we are never gonna be here ever again (unless we get picked up by Netflix at some point, or Hulu).'"

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Hey, it worked forFull House, The X-Files, Twin Peaks and Heroes! Who knows what the future holds for Glee?

In the meantime, you can watch Lea on her new show Scream Queens, from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. Check out the video below to hear more about Lea's "different" role on the horror comedy series.

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