EXCLUSIVE: Rod Stewart, 70, Jokes That His Eight Kids Are Tough Critics of His Music

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At 70 years old, Rod Stewart's life is a lot different from when he first started out. The biggest change? He has eight kids!

On the way to selling more than 100 million albums, Stewart -- who just released his 29th album -- managed to raise a large family. His children, Kimberly, 36; Sean, 35; Ruby, 28; Renee, 23; Liam, 21; Alastair, 9; Aiden, 4; and Sarah Streeter, 52, may have had a little bit of input on his latest album, Another Country, which the GRAMMY winner recorded at home.

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"The kids would run in and tell me what they think, which was usually, 'A bunch of rubbish, Dad,'" Stewart joked. "No, that's not true, but it's just a wonderful environment."

Stewart admitted that he's not exactly the same musician he was during his rock 'n' roll heyday. The new album is so personal it even includes a song about his nighttime rituals with his youngest child, Aiden.

"I've even written a song about putting my 4-year-old son to bed called 'Batman, Superman, Spider-Man,'" he said. "Songs I probably wouldn't have written about 30 years ago when I was a real rock 'n' roll star."

One of his middle children, Ruby, has the most involvement in Stewart's music career as of late. A tremendous singer-songwriter in her own right, Ruby joined him onstage during a Las Vegas show.

"More or less we just play what we want," Stewart said. "It's great because Vegas treats me like I'm Elvis. They're so wonderful there. They fly me home to Los Angeles every night. Ruby and I sit on the jet and have our little dinner and a glass of wine after the show."

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With so many hits, we wondered how Another Country ranks with Stewart among his past projects.

"I suppose the new ones are always your favorites, but time will tell," Stewart said. "We'll see how it's received."

Rolling Stone, for one thing, called the album "stellar," while The Independent also gave it a glowing review, stating, "Rod can still deliver."

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Another Country is available now.