EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Estefan's 'Miracle' Daughter Debuts Music Video for Her First Single

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Gloria Estefan's daughter is striking out on her own, and ET has the exclusive premiere of her new music video.

At 20 years old, Emily Estefan is already an accomplished drummer and singer, which is remarkable on its own but especially when you consider that her parents Gloria and Emilio never thought they'd have a daughter after the 1990 tour bus crash that nearly killed Gloria.

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"From the moment she was born she was pretty much a miracle baby," Gloria told ET. "They told me I would never have another baby after that accident, and here I am. We wanted her very much, and she was beyond anything we could have ever hoped for."

Gloria was honored to direct the music video for her daughter's first single, "F*&k to Be," but she admits that the title is a bit ironic.

"The funny part is she's never cursed in her entire life," Gloria said.

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"That's not entirely true," Emily chimed in. "I would invent my own curse words."

Emily rocks a similar 1980s look to her mother, with thick eyebrows and curly hair, but she says she isn't concerned with mirroring her career.

"I mean, it's really hard. How am I supposed to top the Medal of Feedom and all that stuff?" she said. "I'm not going to follow that path. I'll just admire it and go the other way!"

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Watch the "F*&k to Be" music video below.