Kelly Clarkson Gets Emotional Praising Her Husband, Reveals How He Inspired 'Piece by Piece'

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Kelly Clarkson is opening up about the inspiration behind her emotional single "Piece by Piece," and the important roles her absentee father and dedicated husband, Brandon Blackstock, played in inspiring the song.

"I don't think I knew how much [my relationship with my father] affected me until writing that song," Clarkson said during a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest on Monday. "I definitely didn't know how it would affect me like it does when I sing it live because that's not fun."

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On Thursday, Clarkson delivered a powerhouse performance of her emotional track on American Idol, which left the judges, everyone watching, and even Clarkson herself, in tears.

"It's kind of sad that so many relate to this song," she reflected.

Clarkson, who has a 19-month-old daughter, River Rose, and is expecting her second child with Blackstock, said that being a mother made her understand "the gravity" of her troubled relationship with her dad.

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"I cannot imagine not seeing this kid to his or her full potential and just seeing what she's going to do, what she's going to be like," she shared.

Clarkson added that her relationship with her husband, and his connection with their daughter, was also formative when it came to the creation of the song, and her ability to heal.

"Watching my husband love on his daughter all the time, you know, go to her events and just be there and, like, be present is, like, hard to watch but beautiful to watch," Clarkson said, starting to get choked up. "But it's awesome because I know that my kids are going to have that."

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"Y'all are totally going to make me cry on this interview," Clarkson added with a chuckle. "I'm so glad you can't see me."

During Clarkson's memorable Idol appearance, judge Keith Urban couldn't contain the waterworks as he watched on in wonder as she sang. Check out the video below for a look at the original Idol winner's show-stopping performance.