EXCLUSIVE: Meghan Trainor Talks Lingering Body Image Issues and How She Overcomes Them

The singer is famous for being all about that bass, but she told ET that even she gets discouraged by comparing herself to other people.

Meghan Trainor is famous for being "all about that bass," but she told ET's Sophie Schillaci that even she gets discouraged by comparing herself to other people.

"Recently we were doing a fitting for this music video, and I was like, 'All these dancers next to me, they're so tiny,' and I felt insecure again," the 22-year-old GRAMMY winner told ET during a sit-down at Los Angeles' Studio City Sound. "My best friend was like, 'You are all about that bass. Do not forget that.' I was like, 'You're right! I am hot, and I look bomb in these outfits, and I'm going to kill it in this video.'"

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Regardless of how Trainor feels about herself on a daily basis, men seem to always have their eyes on her, which keeps her brothers on their toes.

"If I ever do bring a guy home, they're immediately, once they leave, my brothers are like, 'Is a thing or a fling? What is this?'" she said.

There have been rumors that one of those guys could be Los Angeles Clippers star DeAndre Jordan.

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"He's a great friend," Trainor said. "He's the one that texted me, 'I miss your bros.' We party with him. He's the nicest guy ever. He's the tallest dude in the room."

The "Dear Future Husband" singer is currently looking forward to her upcoming album, Thank You, which drops May 13. She's hoping her first single from the album, "No," becomes a dance hit.

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"I keep listening to it every night, pretending I'm strangers in the world listening to it," she said.

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