Kanye West Goes on Twitter Rant About Tidal and Apple Music, Demands Apple 'Give Jay His Check'

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Kanye West is at it again!

The 39-year-old rapper has a bone to pick with Apple Music, and took to Twitter early Saturday morning to tell the world exactly what the media giant needs to do to get on his good side.

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In a series of posts, the "Famous" rapper commented on the feud between Apple Music and Jay Z's streaming service, Tidal, attempting to solve the beef over Twitter.

In June, rumors swirled that Apple Music was looking to acquire Tidal. While there hasn't been any official confirmation of negotiations on either end, according to West, Apple needs to just go ahead and"give Jay his check."

"This Tidal Apple beef is f**king up the music game," he tweeted on Saturday morning.


"I need Tim Cook, Jay Z, Dez, Jimmy, Larry, me and Drake Scooter on the phone or in a room this week!!!" he followed up with moments later.


The father of two then shared a little bit of wisdom like only he can: "F**k all this d*ck swinging contest. We all gon be dead in 100 Years. Let the kids have the music."


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"Apple give Jay his check for Tidal now and stop trying to act like you Steve," he concluded.


Only time will tell whether West gets his meeting and solves the great Apple/Tidal debate.

For now, West has another feud to keep him busy -- the one between his wife and Taylor Swift.

In fact, the rapper took a moment to comment on the feud while onstage at Drake's concert earlier this week.

I'm so glad my wife has Snapchat. 'Cause now y'all can know the truth," he yelled out to the crowd. "And can't nobody talk sh*t about Ye no more!"

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See more in the video below.