EXCLUSIVE: Joey Fatone Talks *NSYNC Reunion and Whether They'll Ever Perform Again

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It's been nearly 15 years since *NSYNC disbanded, but Joey Fatone tells ET's Ashley Crossan that they still know how to party.

The former boy band members reunited on Monday night to celebrate JC Chasez's 40th birthday at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood, California, and it sounds like things got a little rowdy. "It was fun. It was a blast actually," Fatone recalled while at the Sausage Party premiere in Los Angeles, California, on Tuesday night. "We drank a lot."

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The 39-year-old singer said he spent the evening hanging out and reminiscing with Chasez, Justin Timberlake, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Lance Bass. "I mean, we actually do legitimately like each other," Fatone shared, adding that they were all friends with someone in the group before they formed *NSYNC. "We all kind of knew each other, so we still remain friends."

As for getting the band back together, Fatone is on board. The guys have not performed as *NSYNC since the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

"For me, I always say anytime. I would never say never, but for us, it's like everyone is doing their own thing really and it's been great," he said. "It's been nice [that] we didn't leave on a bad note. We didn't leave on ...nothing was wrong."

Fatone -- who is opening up a hot dog joint, Fat One's, in Orlando, Florida -- added, "Obviously, as you get older, you want to experience and do other things."

The guys do have a lot going on these days. "Justin is singing and being a dad," Fatone noted. "Chris is actually in Nashville right now, Jason (JC) has been writing, Lance has been doing radio stuff, [and] I am going to be selling hot dogs soon."

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