Kanye West Kicks Off 'Saint Pablo' Tour on an Epic Platform Floating Above the Audience -- Watch!

@scooterbraun via Instagram

Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy just jumped over the whole crowd!

Kanye West kicked off his "Saint Pablo" tour in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Thursday night in decidedly epic Kanye fashion via a floating platform that towered over the audience.

Scooter Braun, a friend and consultant to the 39-year-old rapper, raved about the set design from the audience on Instagram, writing, "The world has never seen anything like this!"

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"Tonight @kanyewest killed it. And @trvisxx ...he had fun. #saintpablotour #openingnight #indy #feltlikeakid #damnthatwasfun #yeezy," Braun captioned a video of the audience jumping up and down while basically being consumed by bass. (WARNING: Minor NSFW language).

The crowd was very taken with the elaborate stage, as seen in various fan videos and photos shared from the concert.

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And the "Famous" rapper tried to share the love back -- even though it proved difficult from his perch!

West has tour dates planned in North America through the end of October, and has made quite the effort to promote his new album on a grand scale.

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Last weekend, the rapper rolled out 21 temporary Life of Pablo pop-up stores worldwide, selling album merchandise clothing that was unique to each of the cities it was sold in.

And one can only guess what we'll be seeing from West at this weekend's MTV Video Music Awards in NYC. He doesn't have a show planned that night (he'll be performing in the relatively close city of Toronto the following night), and if history is anything to go by, we may be looking forward to a very lively night from our favorite musician/designer/awards show speech maker!

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Watch the video below for what to expect (and not expect) from this year's VMAs.