Britney Spears 'Freaked Out' Over Onstage Gymnastics Move During London Concert: 'I Couldn't Do It'

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Britney Spears performed in London, England, on Tuesday night for the first time in five years, but not everything went as planned.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday, the 34-year-old pop princess admitted that she got spooked during a back walkover move. "Last night I freaked out and put my hands up," Spears recalled. "There was a new guy there -- it was his first time protecting my back -- and I couldn't do it."

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She added, "He seemed really confident and strong, so I should’ve felt more confident but I was scared."

One concertgoer caught the moment on video when Spears backed out of her walkover, but she played it off nicely.

While the "Make Me..." singer isn't too keen on certain gymnastics maneuvers these days, she said her son is quite the little gymnast. "My son can do it now -- kids are fearless -- but it inspires me," Spears shared. "Because of that I put a back walkover in my show."

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This is definitely shaping up to be Spears' year, though she told Today -- just days after performing at the MTV Video Music Awards -- that she doesn't see the release of her recent album, Glory, as a comeback. "I think I've never really left," she said. "I've always been here. So (it's) just like ... maybe a reinvention of myself and just a different time in my life -- a really good, glorious time."

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