Britney Spears 'Freaked Out' Over Onstage Gymnastics Move During London Concert: 'I Couldn't Do It'


Britney Spears performed in London, England, on Tuesday night for the first time in five years, but not everything went as planned.

During an interview with BBC Radio 1 on Wednesday, the 34-year-old pop princess admitted that she got spooked during a back walkover move. "Last night I freaked out and put my hands up," Spears recalled. "There was a new guy there -- it was his first time protecting my back -- and I couldn't do it."

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She added, "He seemed really confident and strong, so I should’ve felt more confident but I was scared."

One concertgoer caught the moment on video when Spears backed out of her walkover, but she played it off nicely.

Me when I make plans with people then the times comes and I'm just like 'yeah no.'

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While the "Make Me..." singer isn't too keen on certain gymnastics maneuvers these days, she said her son is quite the little gymnast. "My son can do it now -- kids are fearless -- but it inspires me," Spears shared. "Because of that I put a back walkover in my show."

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This is definitely shaping up to be Spears' year, though she told Today -- just days after performing at the MTV Video Music Awards -- that she doesn't see the release of her recent album, Glory, as a comeback. "I think I've never really left," she said. "I've always been here. So (it's) just like ... maybe a reinvention of myself and just a different time in my life -- a really good, glorious time."

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