Mandy Moore Shares Throwback Photo of Her Face on a 'Scooby-Doo'-Style Van -- See the Pic!

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Another throwback photo from Mandy Moore!

The This Is Us star took a walk down memory lane to her '90s pop star days on Tuesday, sharing a 1999 photo of herself standing next to a retro-van (that gives off major "Mystery Machine" vibes) with a giant picture of her face on the side!

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"Guys, there was once a minivan with my silly face plastered on the side to promote my first single, 'Candy,'" the 32-year-old actress revealed. "This was most certainly taken while on the road, opening up for *NSYNC on their amphitheater tour in the summer of '99 (and by open I mean we were on a tiny, rickety side stage performing for folks as they walked through the gates, not on the main stage)."

Everything about this is as '90s as it could possibly be and we love it!

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Moore also took some time in the caption to explain the sudden influx of throwback pics on her Instagram.

"There was a flood at my parents house and it forced them to go through everything and figure out what to keep and what to toss," she shared. "It also meant that I inherited a TON of old photos from my childhood (so be prepared for more tbts and fbfs)."

We can't wait!

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