EXCLUSIVE: Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley's Plan for Hosting the ACM Awards: 'Drink a Little More This Year!'

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Luke Bryan and Dierks Bentley are gearing up for round two!

ET's Jennifer Peros caught up with the pair ahead of Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards, which they'll be hosting together for the second time -- but it seems they're having trouble thinking of ways to top last year.

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"[We're going to] drink a little more this year, get a little more crazy," Bentley promised.

"Drink a little more, host a little less," Bryan added.

"Yeah, last year was my first time doing it, this is my second time doing it in Vegas. [We're] fired up, all our buddies are ready to go out there and have fun, so I don't know how we are going to top it this year," Bentley confessed.

While this will be Bryan's fifth time hosting the show, that doesn't mean he's perfected his craft, at least according to Bentley. 

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"He makes me look good 'cause he isn't that good of a host, so the more he talks, I just stand over here and look great," the "Black" singer joked. 

Hosting abilities aside, the two singers are taking their roles seriously -- which means they're missing out on quite a few parties leading up to the big night.

"[The worst thing about hosing is] that you can't go out and party with all your buddies, 'cause you have to be responsible," Bryan admitted.

"Yeah, we gotta save it up till Sunday, that's what we have been talking about this year: really saving up to blow it out on Sunday, 'cause all our friends are gonna go out there Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and they are going out every night calling us up to go places," Bentley agreed. "Save it up, rest up for the big night."

Bentley and Bryan seemed to have nailed down a game plan ahead their second go-around, becoming country's newest bromance after Blake Shelton stepped down from his usual ACM co-hosting duties two years ago... but there's no bad blood between the singers.

"I love Blake," Bentley said. "Actually my kids think I am cool cause we watch some of his TV stuff, and they are like, 'You know that guy,' and I'm like, "Yeah, I know him, we do the same thing. We sing.'"

The ACM Awards will air live on Sunday, April 2 on CBS. 

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