Aaron Carter Reveals Condition He Says Makes Him 'Skinny': 'I Didn't Choose That'

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Aaron Carter is opening up about a medical condition that's long plagued him.

The 29-year-old singer took to Twitter on Tuesday to dispel speculation about his small frame, saying that his weight is caused by a hiatal hernia that he was diagnosed with at age 19.

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"By the way y'all wanna know why I'm so skinny? It's because @ 19 i was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, I didn't choose that. be kind to me," Carter wrote. "It's a terrible stress condition that affects me having an appetite and I'm sorry this is the way I am. Basically I have an eating disorder."

"I'm sorry, sometimes I really wish I did look better, or I eat more like y'all say, this life doesn't come w much stability," he continued. "If you don't believe me ask my brother he was there when I was 19 diagnosed. It's a stress eating disorder, I'm sorry I didn't choose this."

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Carter went on to shut down rumors that his figure can be attributed to drug use, while promising to his fans (and former fans) to win back their affection.

"No I don't do drugs, yes I feel pain, I haven't stopped working since I was 7 years old 22 years later and I still won't give up," he wrote. "Any of my fans who I let down or made them embarrassed to be my fans anymore I'm so sorry. I will never stop trying to win your hearts back."

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"All things done in the dark always come to light," Carter concluded. "I might not be exactly where I want to be but I'm doing much better than I was before ... Goodnight."

In April 2016, Carter opened up to ET about his sobriety, speculating that the rumors came from him being "skinny."

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"If you look at my parents, they have high cheekbones and [are] very skinny," Carter explained. "I don't want to always feel like I have to prove myself, but people put me in these positions, and that's fine."

"I drink wine. I smoke weed. I have anxiety problems, I take medication for anxiety. I mean, it's just what it is," he admitted. "The misconceptions are that I'm a meth head, or I'm a crackhead, or I'm a drug addict, or I'm this or that."

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