Brad Paisley Surprises High School Graduates With Special Performance - Watch!

Getty Images

Brad Paisley is the greatest!

The 44-year-old country singer surprised students at Barrington High School during their graduation ceremony on Friday night in Barrington, Illinois.

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Taking the stage, Paisley congratulated the students and joked with them about his own graduation ceremony.

"Can I have a tassel now?" Paisley told the crowd. "That video that you guys made is amazing. I'm jealous. We had a VCR at my school -- you don't even know what that is. That was the extent of our video department."

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The singer then proceeded to sing a couple of tunes for the graduates.

"I’m going to play a couple songs for you before you go out and make the world a better place," he said before singing "Love Letter." Paisley also sang "Today" and his latest single, "Last Time for Everything."

Before taking off, he also shared some words of wisdom with the grads, "My advice to you, as you go through life, is to enjoy the moments. Make memories, enjoy them and don’t take yourself too seriously. Go change the world, you all!"