Selena Gomez Fans Say Taylor Swift Ever-So-Subtly Appears in 'Bad Liar' Video -- Spot the Clues!

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While Selena Gomez portrays all the characters in her '70s throwback music video for "Bad Liar," fans are freaking out that her pal, Taylor Swift, is featured in the backdrop.

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The music video tells the story of a loner high school girl who suspects that her father -- who teaches at the school -- is having an affair with a Farrah Fawcett look-alike teacher, who just so happens to be his daughter's crush. Fans are saying they spot Swift when Gomez, in the role of the high school girl, is alone in her bedroom.

As Gomez -- who appeared in Swift's "Bad Blood" music video in 2014 -- dances around the room, there are several posters on the wall that appear to have the "Shake It Off" singer's face on them. On the "niNa!" poster, a girl who looks a whole lot like Swift is wearing sunglasses and looking super cool. There's also a Charlie's Angels poster that appears to have the 27-year-old artist front-and-center. Finally, there's another image that looks to be Gomez's friend wearing '70s-esque aviator sunglasses above the words, "Mandy means mayhem."

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"Is my brain just playing games or is that Taylor Swift?" one fan tweeted.


Meanwhile, another Swiftie called out the similarities between the "Bad Liar" video as a whole, and Swift's 2008 music video for "You Belong With Me," where she too portrays a high school girl.

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The release of Gomez's new music video on Wednesday came less than a week after Swift's frenemy, Katy Perry, released her album, Witness, which includes the song "Swish Swish" that many fans think is about the pop stars' ongoing feud. Just as Perry's album was about to drop, Swift decided it was a good time to put her entire music catalogue back on all the music streaming sites.

Perry later said in an interview that "it's time" the two settle their differences. Here's more on the biggest feud in pop music:

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