Eliminated 'Idol' Stefano Langone Reveals What He Would Have Changed


"American Idol" contestant Stefano Langone reflects on the experience that changed his life and says he looks forward to going on tour and soon thereafter getting into the studio to make an album.

tells ET that he's now had a chance to think about his performances after being
eliminated from the hit FOX show last week and would only change one thing: he
would have chosen a different song the week he sang Lionel Richie's"Hello,"
which he said he just didn't know well enough to perform to his best potential.

"In this type of contest, you have to be so good with the song, you
have to know the song so completely well that you can tell the story to
everybody else. And the whole connecting thing started with 'Hello.'
And that's when I was singing to myself."

Watch the video to hear Stefano also explain the reaction of the judges when he was voted off and to hear him talk about his close friendship with fellow contestant James Durbin.