Chris Jacobs Searches For William & Kate in Their New Home Town


ET's Chris Jacobs had the trip of a lifetime, heading to the quaint town that Prince William and Kate Middleton call home, Anglesey, Wales in Great Britain, hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal newlyweds out and about.

Although we didn't capture it on our cameras, natives of the English town said that the royal couple will go about their daily lives in  Anglesey like any other family living there.

"The people of Anglesey will obviously leave the happy couple alone," said life boat crewmember Stephen Rogerson. "They'll intermingle with the Anglesonians around here and they'll certainly fit in nicely."

One of William's flight instructors, Flight Lieutenant Andy Doyle, admitted that he hasn't been able to spend much time with the Duke of Cambridge outside of work, saying, "I think he's been kind of busy."

In fact, Flight Lieutenant William Wales has been keeping busy, having participated in several rescue missions since his marriage. Perhaps most the most notable operation involved a retired judge who had collapsed from a heart attack at nearly 3,000 feet, according to the Daily Mail.

"His job on a daily basis - he conducts it as a professional and he's very good at it," raved Flight Lieutenant Dan Loxton.

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