Josh Duhamel's Childhood Home Destroyed in Flood


In the midst of the dazzling New York premiere of the multi-million dollar film 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon,'Josh Duhamel was distracted by the millions of dollars worth of damage that flood waters have caused for North Dakota residents - his family included.

"This little girl sent me a picture today on Facebook with a red arrow pointing to one of the houses that's under water and it's my house that I grew up in," Josh disclosed to ET's Chris Jacobs. "My heart is with them."

Josh has posted a link to on his Facebook page for those who would like to donate to those suffering in Josh's hometown, Minot, North Dakota, where he was recently named honorary chairman for his help in bringing in relief funds to the town.

The U.S. premiere of the third 'Transformers' movie kicked off in Times Square, which was completely taken over by screaming fans and paparazzi. Seeing the tremendous support given for the cast, Chris asked Shia about making a fourth.

"We went as hard as we could on this movie," said Shia, implying that he has no plans of involving himself in a fourth 'Transformers' flick. "[Michael Bay] can't push it any harder than he did. This is the best movie that we've ever made and it would be hard to top this."

After six years of knowing Shia, director Michael Bay compared their interaction to a sibling-like relationship.

"He came to my office in dorky jeans," Michael said of his first meeting with Shia. "He said he wanted to be an action star and I was like, 'This is so not going to work,' but he's blossomed."

'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' opens June 29. Click the video to find out what newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley brought to her character.