Court Rules In Favor Of Kevin Costner In Breach Of Contract Case

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Kevin Costner
was found not in breach of contract by a South Dakota court when he installed 14 bison and 3 Lakota warriors sculptures in his Deadwood, SD tourist destination "Tatanka: Story of the Bison."

was sued by the sculptor of the statues in 2000 who was seeking to force Costner to sell the sculptures, and claimed that the actor breached the agreement the two had signed in May 2000.

Costner's destination was inspired by his 1990 Academy Award winning film 'Dances with Wolves' and was created in 2003 as a destination for the public to learn more about Native American culture, and the Lakota Indian tribe in particular.

After the court's decision was rendered, Costner said "I am grateful for the court's decision regarding this matter, and pleased that when the public visits Tatanka they will continue to be able to view these amazing pieces of artwork that depict an important part of our nation's history."