Ex: Mindy McCready Is Not Currently a Fit Mother

The Today Show

Mindy McCready's ex boyfriend says he does not believe the country singer is a fit mother at the moment and he thinks she is "pushing her luck" by refusing to comply with a judge's order to return their five-year-old son to Florida.

BBut Billy McKnight told the Today show's Matt Lauer on Friday that he had spoken with Zander -- his son with McCready -- and said the boy did sound healthy and ok. "He wasn't crying or scared," McKnight said.

When questioned about McCready's ability to adequately care for Zander due to her past drug and DUI arrests and a highly publicized suicide attempt, McKnight said: "You know, we have gone through this in the past, and there's people out there who can help you, and if you can take that help you can get back on track." He added: "I wish she would do what's right."

When pressed by Lauer to directly address whether McCready was currently a fit mother, McKnight responded: "not until she completes the case plan."

McCready -- who recently took her son from her father's home in Florida -- told the Associated Press she is currently in Tennessee and can't travel because she's nearly seven months pregnant with twins. A judge had ordered her to return the boy to the legal custody of her mother in Florida by Thursday.

"I'm doing all this to protect Zander, not stay out of trouble," the country star wrote in an email to the AP. "I don't think I should be in trouble for protecting my son in the first place," she added. McKnight said he feels McCready took a big risk by defying the judge's order: "I think she believes she has a case and doesn't realize she's pushing her luck on this one."