Barry Manilow Releases Health Update

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Barry Manilow took to his Facebook page on Wednesday to assure fans of his recovery following his hip surgery earlier this month.

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"Well, I'm alive!" Barry began the light-hearted open letter. "I tell you, going though something as rough as this makes you very grateful for a lot of things. Grateful for the genius doctors who can perform this incredibly complicated surgery; grateful for the caregivers who treated me like their own family and most of all grateful for good health. I will never, never take being healthy for granted again."

The 68-year-old singer's recovery is expected to take six weeks.

"I'm looking forward to beginning music rehearsals with my road family, and my STILETTO family who have been the most unbelievably supportive friends I can ever imagine having," wrote Barry, who will return to the stage with three concerts at The Chicago Theatre in early February.

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