Jennifer On Her Onstage Breakdown Over Whitney

Jennifer On Her Onstage Breakdown Over Whitney

Jennifer Hudson's moving performance of Whitney Houston's iconic song I Will Always Love You at this year's Grammy Awards became a focal point for the show to honor one the music industry's biggest losses. In a new film documenting last-minute changes to the show after Whitney's sudden passing, Hudson opens up about being overcome by emotion during her rehearsal. 

The new documentary -- titled A Death In The Family: The Show Must Go On -- debuted this week at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at a premiere attended by this year's Grammys host LL Cool J, as well as the award show's producers and director. The film can be viewed on the website and at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles. 

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Hudson says that while she felt grateful and honored to offer the musical tribute to Whitney, at one point during rehearsals she was overcome by emotion. "We rehearsed the song one time. And then the second time around, Ken (Grammy Show Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich) came over and said, 'It's not a performance. You're singing to Whitney.' And I knew exactly what he meant. So the second time around singing it, I could not get through the song."

Ehrlich explains that biggest challenge was trying to figure out how to do a respectful tribute to that also "didn't lose the fact that there were thousands of people who were coming to this event because they had done something remarkable this year on their own, and they needed to be treated with respect as well."

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The documentary also includes interviews with LL Cool J and Grammy Awards director Louis Horvitz, as well as rehearsal footage and interviews featuring Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl, who spoke about his thrilling performance during the show with Beatles legend Paul McCartney.