Will.i.am's Intricate Theory on Fueling Violence

Will.i.am's Intricate Theory on Fueling Violence

Although this year's Teen Choice Awards was a lighthearted, fun-filled awards show that divvied out surfboards as it does every year, a solemn shadow was cast on this year's show due to the recent movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado. ET was on the red carpet to capture the celebrities' reactions to the tragedy.

"It's just shocking and sad," said Black Eyed Peas member and solo artist will.i.am. "It just saddens you that people can do those type of things, and I feel sorry for the families that are suffering...It's just mind-boggling that someone [would] think of doing that."

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The shooting's relation to The Dark Knight Rises, a film that contains scenes with intense violence, brings forth the debate as to what influence violent Hollywood films can have on violent acts like the Colorado theater shooting.

"There's truth to that statement," said the 37-year-old DJ and rapper, "but then it's also your family—parents and how they raise their children—'cause there's violence everywhere"

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Will.i.am then took his theory to a more macro level, focusing on the various societal components that can cumulatively contribute to the quality of a person's upbringing, which, as he argues, can significantly affect an individual's tendency to mimic on-screen violence.

"[The blame also lies in] local government on how much money they put in schools to balance off how much money we're putting in entertainment and violence," he theorized. "If you don't have that encouragement and that platform, the only thing that you are going to try to mimic is entertainment. So it's...society as a whole. It's not just Hollywood; it's politics too."

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Comedian Kevin Hart took a somber moment to give his reaction on the violent shooting that occurred early Friday morning at a movie screening in Colorado that resulted in 12 dead and 58 injured.

"At the end of the day, you don't wish this type of tragedy on anybody, and it's sad that we're still experiencing it in today's time," said Hart. "The fact that Colorado keeps having these recurring events makes it even sadder. You just hope that it educates people and opens people's eyes to be more aware and kind of put a sense of positivity out there so we can stop it."

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Watch the video above for reactions from more celebrities from the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards.