Kathy Griffin Razzes Mitt Romney

Kathy Griffin Razzes Mitt Romney

Kathy Griffin has made a living bashing those in popular culture, and on Wednesday night at the premiere of the musical The Book of Mormon at the Pantages Theater, the comedian and actress joked about presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

"I hope to be offended tonight," Griffin said of the satirical, slightly controversial musical. "I hope to be inspired to offend more people after seeing tonight's 'Book of Mormon'...I'm going to be thinking Mitt Romney in the back of my mind...I'm going to be picturing Mitt in the role of several of the Mormons."

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Although Romney, a devout Mormon, has yet to see the show, he has said that he would like to see it one day when he isn't as engaged in his political life. Perhaps slightly misinformed or simply trying to make a joke, Griffin poked fun at Romney once more.

"Mitt Romney is actually acting like this play doesn't really exist, which I think is kind of funny because...it's certainly a light look at religion and I think that's how we should see religion," she said. "You can be religious as you want, but you got to laugh at everything."

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A slew of stars including Viola Davis, Malin Akerman, Lisa Kudrow, Joe Manganiello, and Kellan Lutz were in attendance at the Los Angeles premiere of the musical, which was created by the creators of South Park. Davis predicted how Romney would react if he would see the show.

"I think he and Ann would have a couple of laughs," the Help actress said. "They wouldn't have a beer afterwards probably, but they would have a laugh or two."

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While the musical's satirical nature may be offensive to Romney and other Mormons, Happy Days creator Garry Marshall believes that there is no reason for anyone to be offended by the show.

"[I was] not particularly offended," said Marshall, who had seen the show a few times before its Pantages premiere. "I know [the creators'] kind of humor from the TV show and they make it very entertaining, and I don't think anybody should be offended."