Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Takes Up Modeling


ET was with Anna Nicole Smith 20 years ago as she shot one of her famous ads for Guess, and now we're on hand to witness her daughter Dannielynn walk in her mother's footsteps as the newest Guess girl.

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In the new ads, Dannielynn, 6, poses on the beach for the jean company that helped launch Anna Nicole to stardom.

Proud dad Larry Birkhead calls it "a tribute to her mom."

"Dannielynn will look back someday and say, 'How cool! I got to be a Guess girl just like my mom,'" Birkhead tells ET.

While Birkhead is thrilled with seeing his daughter take up where Anna Nicole left off, the decision was ultimately left up to Dannielynn.

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"It was something I asked her if she wanted to do, and she said, 'Sure!'" Birkhead says.

The young model is so enthusiastic about the project that she's already started asking about when she can see the final product.

"She said, 'Now tell me, when am I going to be on those shopping bags?'" Birkhead says. "And she asked if she was going to be on billboards, and I said, 'Maybe ... you never know.'"

Even with all the promise that Dannielynn has shown, Birkhead says that, for now, he just want her to "be a kid and have school."

"She's a typical kid," says Birkhead. "She plays and she wants to do everything that all the other kids do."

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