Exclusive: Foxx Responds to Obama Comment Backlash


Jamie Foxx is responding exclusively to ET about the furor over his comment referring to President Barack Obama as "our Lord and Savior."

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Foxx, who made the comment at the Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday, tells ET's Nancy O'Dell in an interview at his California home that his comment was intended as a joke. "I'm a comic,” Foxx says, “[and] sometimes I think people get a little too tight. And, it's getting a little tougher for us comedians [because] some people take it and want to make a huge story out of it, but it's a joke."

Some Christians blogged and tweeted that they found Foxx's comment offensive.

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Tune in to ET starting on Thursday, November 29 for our multiple-part interview series with Foxx, which will include an announcement about an exciting new project that's close to his heart, as well as a tour of his home.