Grammys Crasher: Are the Oscars Next?


Is the Grammy Crasher targeting the Oscars next? Should the Academy be concerned that the 24-year-old Ukrainian reporter will target Hollywood's biggest awards event? ET's Rob Marciano gets answers from Hollywood's newest prankster.

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"Adele is going to be there -- maybe I will sit next to her, I don't know," says Vitalii Sediuk, who managed to not only get through security at Sunday's Grammys to take an open seat in the second row – but jumped onstage right before Adele accepted her Grammy win. "I just beg you, Academy, don't ban me. I just want to broadcast nobly and be a part of your show. I will be good guy."

Despite heightened security at the 55th Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, Sediuk managed to not only get inside the venue, but interview celebrities on the red carpet and sit in Adam Levine's seat, forcing the Maroon 5 frontman to sit on the floor. After interrupting the show to take the stage, he landed a night in jail and a March court date.

VIDEO: Meet the Man Who Crashed the Grammys

Sediuk previously made headlines with other celebrity close encounters, handing Madonna flowers at a press event and kissing Will Smith on the red carpet, prompting the Men in Black star to smack him in the face.

So, is the audacious reporter going to be allowed back on the red carpet? We have a feeling that security will specifically be on the lookout on Oscar night…