Andy Dick Opens Up About His Sobriety & 'DWTS'


Andy Dick was just announced as a cast member for the new season of Dancing with the Stars and he reveals to ET that he's still dealing with sobriety issues as he prepares for the hit ABC show.

"I had to have a meeting with [Dancing with the Stars]", he confides to ET's Brooke Anderson. "I think they basically just wanted me to show up not drunk."

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Regarding his pattern of broken sobriety, Dick explains, "Everybody seems concerned. In fact, later on today I have a meeting with my therapist, and I have a case manager believe or not.  There's no case, which is weird. It's just the case of Andy and alcohol. There's no legal thing. I actually hired somebody to monitor things, and that was like half a year ago."

While revealing that he put himself into a sober living facility over the holidays to help him avoid alcohol, the 47-year-old actor/comedian said the Dancing with the Stars opportunity came at just the right time in his life. "I’m in a place where I need something like this. It came…from God."

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For more of our interview with Dick, tune in to Entertainment Tonight on Friday, March 1.