Jen & Ben Parody 'Marriage is Work' Oscar Speech

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Ben Affleck received a bit of flack in February when he called his marriage to Jennifer Garner "work" while thanking the actress during his Best Picture acceptance speech for Argo at the 2013 Academy Awards. This weekend, the twosome joined forces on Saturday Night Live to poke fun at the much joked-about Oscars moment.

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Host Affleck opened SNL by addressing the buzzed-about incident, arguing that delivering a televised awards show speech was "completely terrifying."

"I thanked my wife while saying the essence of marriage is work...Some uncharitable souls on the Internet took that to mean our marriage is some kind of manual labor," Affleck defended. "That's not it. You define what's important to you by what you dedicate your time to."

Hoping his wife would help bolster his argument, Affleck called Garner to the SNL stage with somewhat disastrous consequences.

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"I'm not sure why you had to share it live to a billion people," Garner joked. "I would have said, 'Thank you to my wife. Our marriage is a gift.'"

After a rambling apology to Garner, Affleck finally delivered the version of his speech he would have rather made that fateful night.

"I want to tell you how I wish I had ended that speech: I couldn't do any of the things I do without you, without your support. You're my angel, my wife, my world," said Affleck.

But the moment was quickly ruined as the camera pulled back to reveal his touching words came directly from a cue card.

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Click the video above to see the hilarious SNL skit in full!