'Hangover' Stars React to Deadly Tornado


Hollywood has been sending their condolences and support to Oklahoma City ever since news of the fatal tornado hit the wires on Monday. ET was on the red carpet for the premiere of TheHangover Part III on Monday night, and got the stars' emotional reactions to the tragedy. 

"I have been following the news a lot today and it is unbelievably tragic stuff," Ed Helms tells ET. "My thoughts and prayers are with everyone, all the families affected throughout the Midwest. I grew up in Georgia and we had tornadoes, but it was nothing …I mean I've just seen some footage that is absolutely incredible. Wishing everyone the best there."

The 39-year-old actor adds, "It makes a night like tonight really feel ridiculous. We're patting ourselves on the back and there are some people going through some really intense stuff there, so I wish them all really, really well."

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"It's a thing that's hard for people to get through, but you just you hope that just like any natural disaster or any kind of national problem, we all connect. They all have our thoughts," Zach Galifianakis, 43, said of the tornado. 

Mike Epps, 42, says he is praying for all those affected, as well as his friends and family in Oklahoma City. "Hopefully God will preserve it and bring it all back together."

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Leave your words of support for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado, below.