Morgan Freeman Dozes Off in Live TV Interview

Q13 Fox

: Freeman has responded to the incident, telling ET in a statement: "I wasn't actually sleeping. I'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids. I was merely updating my Facebook page."


Morgan Freeman may have played the role of God in two films, but it appears as though even he is subjected to the pitfalls of humanity, as he struggled to stay awake during an early-morning live television interview.

Freeman and co-star Michael Caine were doing press for their upcoming crime thriller Now You See Me on Wednesday morning with Seattle-based local news station Q13 Fox when the 75-year-old actor's tiredness got the best of him.

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About a minute into the interview, as Caine elaborates on the magic tricks seen in the film, Freeman is hardly able to keep his eyelids open and soon begins to nod off.

When the station cuts back to the interview from the film's trailer, Freeman, whose character "Thaddeus Bradley" is coined "The Debunker" in Now You See Me, is caught napping with his head down.

After Freeman emerges from his slumber, the news anchor asks him a question about what it takes to become a good narrator.

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"I think probably just being a good reader. That's all, not much more than that," the five-time Oscar-nominated actor says. "Having a clear voice [too]."

Watch the video for yourself above. Freeman's Now You See Me comes to theaters May 31.